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Keith F. Diaz, Esquire 


    In 2003, Attorney Keith F. Diaz embarked on his legal journey by assuming the role of a prosecutor, immersing himself in criminal litigation within the courts of Rockingham County. With  dedication, he prosecuted individuals spanning a spectrum of criminal offenses, encompassing everything from DUI charges to assaults, drug crimes to cases involving sex offenders. This early exposure served as the bedrock for his experience in the courtroom, empowering him to navigate its intricate nuances and uphold justice across a wide array of contexts.

     In 2005, Attorney Keith F. Diaz embraced an expansive evolution in his legal practice, extending his scope to encompass the intricate landscapes of civil litigation. This pivotal step enabled him to adeptly navigate a diverse array of civil disputes, spanning realms as varied as personal injury, real estate law, and employment law. Through this strategic expansion, Attorney Diaz fortified his ability to serve his clients comprehensively, offering skilled guidance and steadfast advocacy across an even broader spectrum of legal challenges.

     Throughout his career, Attorney Diaz's dedication to his clients has been unwavering, and his efforts have yielded successes. He has adeptly represented clients across different tiers of justice, from the Circuit Court to the Superior Court, and even before the esteemed New Hampshire Supreme Court and the Federal District Court, District of New Hampshire.

     In 2022, Attorney Diaz started Apis Law a law firm infused with compassion and commitment to its clients. His practice encompasses several legal services, from aiding clients injured in accidents, to offering solace and support to victims of wrongful termination and workplace discrimination. With humility and diligence, he extends his expertise to real estate litigation and provides guidance to business owners embarking on a spectrum of endeavors.

     Attorney Keith F. Diaz's journey is one painted with the hues of humility and dedication. His impact echoes not only within the walls of courtrooms but also in the lives he assists. As part of Apis Law, he exemplifies the essence of service, constantly striving to serve the needs of his clients with integrity. The path he treads is one illuminated by his genuine commitment to justice and the betterment of those he represents, embodying the spirit of legal practice.


B.A. Saint Anselm College, 1997

JD, University of New Hampshire School of Law, 2003 (formerly Franklin Pierce Law School)

New Hampshire State & Federal Bars

NH Bar ID: 15831
Admittance: 9/2003

Vice Chair, New Hampshire Bar Public Protection Fund

Moderator, Town of New Boston School District 

Former Patient Representative United Network for Organ Sharing  

Photograph of Attorney Keith F. Diaz
Photograph of Attorney Diaz and his family
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