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Valerie Bird 
Office Manager - Paralegal 



     Valerie Bird is an accomplished professional with a diverse and impressive career history that spans both legal and administrative roles. With a proven track record of excellence, Valerie's extensive experience uniquely positions her to contribute significantly to the legal team at Apis Law. 

A Career Defined by Dedication:

      Valerie's executive experience is significant.  As the Executive Assistant to the President at Saint Anselm College, her contributions have been invaluable in ensuring seamless operations at the college.  She also worked in the college's Office of the Dean of Students where she showcased her ability to excel in leadership positions while maintaining a commitment to academic excellence and student welfare at Saint Anselm College.

Navigating Legal Terrain:

     Valerie's  interest in legal matters led her to work as a Paralegal at a law office in Rye, New Hampshire. During her tenure, she demonstrated her expertise in managing client files, maintaining essential financial contracts, and cultivating positive relationships with key legal stakeholders.   She also worked as a Paralegal at the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office where she underscored her proficiency in the legal field.  Her responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks, including managing legal documents, assisting with case preparations, and collaborating effectively with legal professionals, court clerks, and clients.

Navigating Legal and Regulatory Landscape:

   Valerie has also worked for government agencies. She was Planning Board Assistant in the Town of New Boston.  Her exceptional organizational skills shone as she managed case files and collaborated with town management to ensure smooth operations within the municipality.  She also held the position of Zoning Board of Adjustment Clerk at the Town of New Boston where she further highlighted her understanding of legal and regulatory matters. Her responsibilities included maintaining budgets, managing electronic files, and interacting professionally with the public.

     Valerie's attention to detail and ability to capture meeting essentials made her an asset in her role as a Planning Board Recording Clerk at the Town of New Boston. Her accurate minutes were instrumental in maintaining transparent communication within the municipal administration.

Education and Skill Set:

     Valerie earned her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Hesser College in May 2003.  Subsequently, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the same institution, graduating in August 2006.

    Valerie's strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and multitasking ability make her a dependable team player who can also thrive independently.

Collaborating with Apis Law:

     Valerie Bird's multifaceted career history mirrors her commitment to excellence. Her proficiency in both administrative and legal domains uniquely equips her to contribute to the multifaceted legal services provided by Apis Law. Her passion for legal support, combined with her relentless pursuit of excellence, makes her an invaluable addition to the team.

     Valerie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, rooted in both administrative and legal roles. Her history of dedication, organization, and a deep understanding of legal matters ensures that Apis Law can rely on her to provide unparalleled support and amplify the firm's capacity to deliver exceptional legal solutions.

Photograph of Valerie S. Bird
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