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What is "Apis" in Apis Law?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

The firm's name originates from the small, humble, industrious, and fierce honey bee known to apiculturists over the world by its taxonomic name: apis mellifera. The honey bee is a fascinating little creature worthy of attention, especially given the environmental challenges facing bees today.

8 oz bottle of local honey produced by bees of Apis Law
Apis Law Honey

I have been keeping bees for several years. It is challenging, humbling, and rewarding - just like the practice of law - where predictability can be elusive and assumptions often corrected by the discovery of new facts, circumstances, and different points of view. Like bees, a good litigator is unassuming, humble, industrious, and, when appropriate, will let an adversary know their proper place.

For these reasons, I decided upon the name Apis Law when after nearly nineteen years of litigation practice I went out on my own to start a law firm.

Coincidentally, it doesn't hurt that people love the taste of honey. I bottle hundreds of honey jars a year and now use it to advertise the firm! Stop by my office if you 're interested in local honey made by my co-workers. It is gravity strained so you get bits of pollen and all of the healthy enzymes bees add into their natural food. Best to make an appointment. Most describe the honey this way: "it's like eating flowers." Just like an attorney, not all honey is created equal.

If you are interested in local honey - or a local attorney with nineteen years of litigation experience - contact Apis Law.

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